LE-1+ (light + battery only)

800 Lumens

2 hrs on HIGH

Faceted Reflector

Head & Tail Mounted Switches

Modular: Multi-purpose

Holster Awareness (SLCTM)

Mode-Memory or HIGH Only

Alignment Free Cradle Charging

Availability: Pre-Order: Available Apr 30, 2015

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See why Police Officers choose the LE-1

The LE-1 is designed for law enforcement as a primary duty light. However, its wide range of features and ease of operation has made it a popular choice for many applications. The LE-1’s faceted, solid aluminum reflector focuses up to 595 lumens of neutral white light through an anti-reflective, extra durable 1/16” glass lens to produce a beam which optimally balances spill and throw. The LE-1 head bezel is machined from stainless steel to offer the best resistance against hard impact damage. The LE-1 body is constructed of hard, anodized Type III aircraft aluminum, precisely machined to disperse heat and provide a sturdy, non-slip grip.

With intuitive features, the LE-1 user interface is customizable and easy to operate. For example, when the light is powered ON, the brightness mode can be cycled through HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW, or STROBE by partially depressing the head or tactical tail mounted switch. A unique tactile break in the switch throw clearly communicates to a user where the partial depression point is located, which is also where momentary activations of light occur. When the light is powered OFF, the LE-1’s optional mode memory feature can remember the last mode it was in and power back on in that mode (including momentary activations), or power on in HIGH mode every time (default).

The LE-1’s special purpose accessories work together to make the LE-1 the ultimate multi-purpose advanced lighting tool (not included):

  1. While recharging the LE-1, the optional LE-1 Cradle Charger conveniently locks the flashlight firmly in place to avoid accidental dislodging. The LE-1 Cradle Charger also comes with a spare battery charging bay, so you are always ready for action.
  2. The LE-1’s length and operating time may be extended with the Size & Life Extension Pack TM.
  3. The electronic Traffic Baton accessory integrates seamlessly with the LE-1 to transform it into an electronic traffic wand, while still allowing LE-1’s main light to be simultaneously used.  The Traffic Baton has its own ON/OFF switch and utilizes power from the LE-1 battery to operate its internal array of red LEDs.
  4. The LE-1 is also “holster aware”, when used with the LE-1 Smart Holster TM, thanks to Tactical Impulse Smart Light Control TM (SLC TM) Technology. SLC TM was designed to eliminate annoying and/or potentially dangerous accidental light activations while lights are holstered on a belt. SLC TM ensures that the LE-1 will remain OFF while in the holster, even if a power switch is accidentally pressed on the flashlight. In addition, if the LE-1 is powered ON when holstered, SLC TM will automatically power the LE-1 OFF.
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User Guide        Fact Sheet

  • Lumen Output – HIGH: 800 lm

  • Modes – HIGH(100%), MEDIUM (40%), LOW (5%), STROBE (80%)

  • Runtimes – HIGH: 2 hrs., MED: 5.5 hrs., LOW: 16 hrs.

  • Holster Awareness – Smart Light ControlTM (SLCTM) Rev:B

  • Construction Material: Aluminum

  • Reflector: Faceted Aluminum

  • Lens: 1/16” Impact Resistant Glass

  • Battery Type: 18650 3400 mAh Rechargeable Li-ion

  • Length: 8.38”

  • Weight w/Battery: 11.6 oz.

  • Bezel Diameter: 2.13”

  • Water Resistance: IPX8 (Submersible)

  • Impact Rating: 2 M

  • LE-1 Flashlight

  • Tactical Impulse 18650 Rechargeable 3400 mAh Li-ion Battery

  • Three spare tail-cap o-rings

  • User Guide

A  charging device is NOT included, but may be purchased separately.